What do you need to verify me?

It is imperative that you use accurate data or we may not ship your order. We need accurate full name, date of birth and address details in order to verify your purchase.

Why do I need to verify my age?

If you make a purchase from www.multivape.co.uk we need to conduct an ID check to verify your age. This is because the United Kingdom have introduced a law that prohibits the sale of e-cigarettes and e-liquids containing nicotine to anyone under the age of 18.

When can I verify my age?

You enter your details when registering an account or placing an order. The good news is that once you have registered or ordered, you won’t have to do this again. On every subsequent visit you just need to simply log in and we will remember that your age verified status.

How do multiVAPE verify your age?

Age verification is conducted via an external database, where an approved third party will check your details against a number of sources, including the Electoral Roll.
Your name, address and date of birth will be sent during the checkout process to our verification partner who utilise the services of organisations like Experian and other credit reference agencies to validate your supplied age details. They do NOT conduct a credit check and will only seek an ID check to verify your age. The searches are in no way detrimental to the customer’s credit worthiness or credit score and are not visible to other providers of services.

My order has a status of “Pending Age Verification”, what does this mean?

If your order has a status of “Pending Age Verification” it means that we haven’t yet verified your age through our system. It does not mean there is an issue with your order, more likely that it is still waiting to be processed.

If we cannot verify you using the details you provided, we will contact you and ask for correct details in order for us to verify your age.

You can speak with a member of our friendly customer support team during our normal opening hours. To do this please call us on Tel: 0845 2268584 or contact us.

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